Biomill SA

Biomill AG is a fenaco company that employees a staff of approximately 20. Biomill AG sells high quality food for small animals. Its headquarters are located in Herzogenbuchsee, Switzerland.
Back in the early 1950s, Biomill produced small animal food (dog and cat food) and quickly established itself on specialised markets.
In 1972, Biomill AG decided to use the method of extrusion in the production of animal food for the first time in Europe. Thanks to this method, digestibility significantly increased compared to previous manufacturing processes. In collaboration with the University Hospitals in Bern and Zurich, the product line expanded during the last 40.
With the selection of various brands (Swiss Professional, topquality, Breeders and Classic), the assortment of dry foods manufactured by the Biomill company meets every need of dogs and cats today.
The "Biomill ORIGINAL FORMULA" seal demonstrates that the recipes used for Biomill food are determined in our headquarters in Herzogenbuchsee. The very important concentrates (vitamins, minerals and natural flavours) are manufactured in our own factory in Switzerland and delivered as a finished premix to the production facilities. All food is produced in accordance with applicable Swiss quality standards and is audited by our staff on a regular basis.
"Passion for animals" is the motto of our qualified staff in the field and back office. They are available around the clock for your questions about pet care. A swift knowledge transfer makes its way into the food thanks to direct customer contact! 
The complete BIOMILL company product line is also available for shipment using our online order form. Outside of Switzerland, our pet food assortment is available in more than 20 countries. Within next few months most countries conveniently offer online product shipment.